Project Management

Studio404 consultants have extensive experience of working with brand owners to manage the development of the product. The consultants seek to establish long-term relationships with brand owners by making personal contact with them and becoming an intrinsic component of their development team.

Using their extensive experience and knowledge the consultants work with creative design teams to develop effective packaging that reproduces the original creative concept efficiently and accurately. From the outset you can expect the consultants to challenge convention to deliver genuinely innovative solutions, aided by unrivalled knowledge of the materials and technology of consumer packaging design. In particular, this enables them to extend an established design into a full product family.

Studio404 continually invests in the very latest technology to ensure that it is able to deliver products of the highest quality.


Artwork and Reproduction

Studio404 combines artwork and reproduction into one seamless product. This provides an efficient single point of communication for customers that reduces lead times and costs. Ultimately the entire process is streamlined to make it as efficient as possible, saving time and money.

The quality of the work is taken as sacrosanct. Studio404 utilises the latest digital technology and ensures that it is constantly on top of software upgrades, to keep pace with the latest developments. The company makes use of the industry standard software for reprographics and automates the process to ensure the greatest possible consistency.

At this stage Studio404 consultants are already looking at how best to take your creative concept and develop it into an engineered final product that delivers on a practical level. The net result is that by the time it has gone through artwork and reproduction, Studio404 has taken your creative concept and developed it so that it is perfectly prepared for printing.


Colour Management

Studio404 invests in the latest, most innovative hardware and software, to ensure the highest possible standard of output, verified to ISO industry standards. This is critically important because non-certified standard work can lead to inaccurate or inefficient print production.

The company also provides individual output profiles for a customer’s specific requirements, ensuring consistency across product ranges and brands whilst protecting brand integrity.

Studio404 regularly undertakes colour management to bespoke standards specified by a printer who strives to achieve colour consistency across a product range.

The company can match the colour management to an output a customer is already using and can colour match the printing press to give the brand owner proofs that replicate the final printed product.


3D Packaging Mock-ups

Studio404 guarantees the highest standards of mock-up production in the UK by investing in technology that enables not just the use of the production substrate, but also the ability to print directly onto it.

The company’s consultants use their knowledge and experience to advise customers on the best manufacturing methods and are highly versed in producing prototype mock-ups and in creating a full family of products from creative base artwork. They will always set out to create a mock up as true to the original creative design as possible, whilst ensuring it is presented ready for production.

Studio404 mock-ups are regularly used in TV advertisements due to the authenticity of their production.


The complete packaging package

Studio404 is a specialised graphics studio for the packaging design industry. It uses the latest technology to produce innovative and consistent artwork, reprographic separation, colour management and 3D packaging mock-ups. Studio404 also provides comprehensive project management for the entire range of services.

Studio404 prides itself on its collaborative approach. The company consults with its clients throughout the process, providing detailed guidance to ensure that the end result is not just as close to the original creative concept as possible, but also superbly engineered so that it meets the required level of practical performance.